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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 18, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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a different tactic to spread their message. instead of marchs and signs speeches and reflections on dr. martin luther king jr. good evening i'm heather haynes. >> and i'm ken wayne. thousands of people gathered in a predominantly white neighborhood to reflect on black lives matter. debora villalon has the story. >> reporter: tonight unity is what they aimed for.
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>> reporter: oscar grant's uncle talks to people everywhere about how his nephew was shot by a b.a.r.t. officer. >> people call me, the people's uncle today. >> reporter: he calls white audiences game changers. >> i am trayvon. >> i am trayvon. >> i am eric. >> i am eric. >> i am mike. >> i am mike. >> i am oscar. >> ♪ we shall overcome, some day ♪ >> reporter: at a time that many shall honor martin luther king, this congregation chose candles, song determined to see the energy behind black lives matter is not just a moment in time but a movement that lasts and spreads. >> injustice some where is
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injustice everywhere. >> reporter: nonviolence was a key to dr. king. >> i believe he'll be part of the movement. maybe one of the major leaders in the movement. >> i think young leaders have to bring this forward. but i think we have grown up in a time when we were not there for the beginning of the civil movement. >> reporter: reclaiming dr. king's message and moving it forward is a great time for everyone. >> people are thinking about thingses ses -- things in a new way. >> those things left over that we didn't know we had. black people and white people that we have that thing and we have to look at and face it and say ooh. >> we cannot be scared to use
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those words, racism, white supremacy, white privilege. >> facing issues head on. a conversation overdue. >> so it's critical that you're sitting in here that you become a part of this issue concerning black lives matter. >> reporter: americans more concerned about racism now than at any time since the rodney king beating in 1991. more king commemorations are planned for tomorrow and the week ahead here in marin and across the area. >> thank you, deb. and a hawaiian airplane was forced to land in los angeles. they are set to depart around
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midnight on a different play. >> reporter: walnut creek police continue to look for three people. the victims say they were walking on ignacio boulevard when two men and a woman approached them. they believe one of them was carrying a gun. the suspects took valuables and fled in a small white car. the three suspects may also be involved in an armed robbery and a carjacking in concord. a mystery on the bay. more than 60 birds have turned up covered in a mysterious gunk. they've been found in alameda, the san leandro marina. the substance can damage the bird's feathers. noelle walker was there as they saved birds and tried to figure out what's causing the problem.
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>> reporter: at bird rescue at fairfield. >> looking for any injuries. >> reporter: sunday. >> trying to minimize the pain. >> reporter: is no day of rest. waters bird are being examined. evaluated. >> so we're going to put a label on him. >> reporter: and tagged for admission into a mashed unit for birds. >> this is a room that's really not even used unless we're activated for an oil spill or another emergency event. >> reporter: this is an emergency. >> he should be all white. >> reporter: and unsolved mystery. >> some kind of gooey, sticky contaminant. >> reporter: the birds were pulled from the east bay. >> these are all just stuck together basically. >> reporter: the sticky goo isn't oil or algea. >> some gray gunk that's very sticky on the feathers. very difficult to take off. >> reporter: so difficult, bird
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cleansic cleansic -- cleanser isn't working itself. they're having to add baking soda. >> if we can't get them cleaned, they won't make it through this event. >> reporter: hundreds have died. these are the lucky ones. >> by the end of the day it's going to be over 100 birds and it's a very tragic event. >> reporter: the hope when they're done is for a happy ending. there are even more birds coming in this evening and they could take weeks to rehabilitate. if the international bird association knew the cause, they could send a bill but for now they're having to pay the bill themselves. and the car's electrical system failed so when they saw a bus coming up from behind
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them they jumped out and into the center divide into another active lane of traffic. the driver of that car talks about what happened. >> we saw a big bus coming our way. so i just grabbed her. i grabbed her and we got out and we just turned. and then and the bus just took it. we turned and we just saw it break. >> reporter: several people on board that bus complained of pain but no one was hospitalized. the freeway was closed for hours while they cleaned up the scene. the stage is set for super bowl xlix in arizona. championship sunday had a little bit of everything today. a nail biter with an incredible come back and a big blow out. >> a bitter rival of the san francisco 49ers is back in the big game and scott reiss is here now to show us all thousand it went down. >> we had the whole spectrum. two games, four elite teams.
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a lot of local ties including superstar quarterbacks from cal and stanford. sadly the ax fell on both of them. rogers and the packers in seattle. the pack led this game 16-0 at halftime. then low and behold we get overtime. the seattle seahawks. what about the asc title game. brown and the colts looking to upset the patriots in foxboro. the only upset was in the indy sideline. miserable weather and a miserable day for luck and colts fans. 45-7. this thing really never got going for andrew and company. so tough luck for them but we've got seahawks against patriots and it's a pick' em game already. this one is going to be quite the ball game. governor jerry brown and napolitano are expected to form
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a rare alliance on this wednesday for a regents meeting. in order to iron out their differences on tuition increases. they're planning to ask the board to name them as the only two members of the committee that will look for ways to save money. napolitano says uc needs $220 million a year. she wants to raise tuition 5% a year for the next five years. the widow of a slain sacramento fire deputy was personally invited to attend the state of the union address by the president this tuesday. susan will attend the speech as
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a guest of ami berra. white house officials say the president intends to call for a series of new taxes on banks on high income americans. including a 3.4 increase on capital gain tax. at the same time the president will propose new tax breaks from middle class families and have a second working adult, child care costs or are paying college tuition. >> we need to double down on our efforts on declining mobility. and we ask the wealthy for a little much. >> in order for some people to do better someone has to do worse is just not true. raising taxes on people who are successful are not going to make people who are struggling more successful. >> you can watch the president's state of the union address right here at 6:00 on
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tuesday evening. nine long months away from family and friends comes to an ends tonight. the emotional reunion of this coast guard unit on its return from guantanamo bay. you play to win the game right. so why is a california high school basketball coach being suspended after a team's victory. bill cosby returns to northern california for the first time since new acquisitions of sexual assault. when the comedian is scheduled to come to the bay area. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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comedian bill cosby took to the stage tonight. claire dawn has a return now from turlock where she spoke to ticketholders with ticket thoughts about going and she also spoke to a lone protester
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outside. >> reporter: for the small city of turlock, bill cosby coming to town is a big deal. >> i grew up with him watching him on tv. my brother had record albums of his comedy act that is were just timeless. >> reporter: this recent controversy makes cosby tour an even bigger deal. >> i used to havinging in this happened. >> reporter: this being rape claims against the comedian. >> he probably has $20 billion and they're probably after them. >> reporter: some of the women say he drugged them and raped them. and his attorney says there's no evidence of that. >> so all these years they come up with that and nobody even
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had polaroids. >> reporter: people are paying $65 to see cosby. the tickets sold out before the controversy surfaced. suzette sims is the lone protester here. >> i've listened to the interviews, i have done research. i believe they can't all be lying. >> reporter: what do you like about his comedy? >> i like the fact that he has a sense of family value in his show and i enjoyed that. >> reporter: the theater would not let us into the show or speak to cosby. police told us we had to stay right here on the sidewalk on public property. cosby has 25 shows planned before this summer. two of them in northern california. more details now, protesters surrounding the
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comedy show in denver. los angeles attorney gloria alred was among the demonstrators outside the theater. she represents some of the women accusing cosby including a denver woman who said cosby sexually assaulted her. and cosby's far from finished tour will appear in santa rosa. the vice president and his wife were not home when shots were fired. a man was arrested after he tried to drive around officers surrounding the area. today belgium asked greece
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to extradite one of the suspects arrested there yesterday to see if that individual may be linked to the suspected plot. europe remains on high alert after earlier attacks killed 17 people in paris. >> reporter: the investigation continues following the terror attacks in paris. french police released three women on sunday. but there's still questioning at least nine others after days of anti terror raids throughout europe. just north of paris, one of the gunmen who attacked the offices of charlie hebdo layed to rest in an unharmed grave. >> they will understand that it was naturally done to calm the atmosphere. >> reporter: some officials rising that throughout europe. >> the attacks on a jewish supermarket where four people were killed is a chilling
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reminder of anti-semitism. >> reporter: that has u.s. lawmakers vowing more corporation with foreign agencys to make sure the attacks don't repeat themselves in the u.s. >> to see how widespread that is from france to belgium to germany. you have to assume that's certainly a risk that we have to consider. >> reporter: meanwhile the new addition of charlie hebdo is still provoking violent reaction throughout the world. here in france, the country is at war with terrorism. and the president has deployed 10,000 police to protect the streets. amy kelogg. they were met in northern iraq yesterday by forces. one woman said when the
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militants ordered them on to buses she feared they would all be executed. islamic state militants attacked last summer killing or capturing and enslaving thousands. president obama noted the plight when he ordered air strikes in august. an estimated 6 million people braved the rain in manila to attend an open air mass delivered by pope francis. the pope's address stressed his message of a need to care for the poor. the pope met with several people, including a 12-year-old girl who grew up on the street. she wept as she asked the pope why god allowed kids to grow up on the streets. the pope said that people need
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to learn how to cry with those in need. >> the pope also urged the faithful to quote shun structures which perpetuate poverty. a coach has been suspended after his girl's basketball team scored too many points at a basketball game. district officials suspended him after his team beat another team 161-2. anderson was accused of unnecessarily running up the score. >> we're really emphasizing that we want them to pursue victory with honor. that means playing the game with dignity. >> reporter: anderson's team had won four previous games by more than 70 points. he says he wasn't trying to embarrass other players, he says the game simply got away from him.
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the coast guard unit spent nine months sat sea. it's not the end of celebrating for martin luther king. >> but it is the end of the freedom train. tomorrow will mark the end of a symbol of the civil rights movement. and fog moving into parts of the bay area. we have fog to talk about first thing tomorrow morning and i'll let you know when 70s make a big come back. 70s in the five day forecast.
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honoring dr. martin luther king jr. on his birthday. tomorrow the last freedom train will be running. declining interest is why it's shutting down the freedom
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train. azenith smith spoke to people who say they will be part of the freedom train tomorrow. >> reporter: tinsley calls the legendary civil rights leaders one thing. >> martin luther king was my hero. he made it opportunities for african americans to have a lot of opportunities that were denied to us. >> reporter: back in the 1960s, tinsley as a teen experienced segregation when he was denied a seat at a restaurant counter. >> i know what it's like to be not to have the freedom and the rights that everybody else has. >> reporter: monday marks the last time anyone even tinsley will be able to ride the freedom train. the san jose to san francisco
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rout is the only one left ending due to lack of sponsorship. the ride marks the ride that martin luther king made from selma. >> a great way to commemorate the day but it's also sad that after 50 years santa clara county is the last county and the last freedom train that is done in the whole country. >> reporter: and renel is helping out, she's also sad to see it go at a time she says a lot more needs to be done to bring peace. >> sure we have an african american president but there's still a lot of inequalities. >> reporter: as for tinsley he says he will continue to celebrate dr. king's life. the train will travel to san francisco where many of the
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passengers will be participating at a parade and march at yerba buena gardens. azenith smith, ktvu news. meanwhile, many of the stars of the movie selma participated in a march. the group marched over the edmond bridge where marchers were beaten back in 1916. following the march there will be an interfaith commemoration followed by a
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festival. a sleep in is being held on powell. they're paying tribute for dr. king's call for more for homeless americans. >> people aren't even allowed to lay down and rest. they're not obstructing anyone, they're not breaking any laws. they're being ticketed and doing jail time for being too afford to live and we're saying that's wrong. they are being called a modern day bonnie and clyde. the late latest on two teens accused of committing crimes for weeks. and we'll take you to a big bay area welcome home party.
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dozens of bay area families reunited tonight with loved ones after months at sea. new at 10:00 tonight, cara liu with more on tonight's emotional homecoming. >> reporter: heather it was an absolute frenzy out here when the first silver van pulled up around eight -- 8:00 tonight. there were tears of joy and lots of happy faces. >> i'm anxious. i've been anxious for eight and a half months now. we've been waiting for everyone. >> not being able to eat.
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life is starting back up again. >> reporter: port security unit 312 arrived home at last. >> i'm looking forward to going home. seeing the house, dog, wife, just being home adjusting back to normal life. >> reporter: michael canning last saw his baby when she was just days old. >> i knew i had to do the whole pregnancy all along with my 2- year-old. >> reporter: the homecoming was an emotional one. >> i really don't have anything right now. just happy to see all three of them. ready to stay at home and be at home. >> reporter: home after more than nine months keeping watch providing maritime protection for the base at guantanamo bay. >> our crews are very highly trained as crew men and
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tactical officers. so we were confident that they would finish the mission. they did a fantastic job the entire time. >> reporter: engineers, support staff as well as crews on the water were included. and a boat had to be rescued tonight. that area has a lot of shallow areas. a rescue team used smaller boats to get to the disabled boat. there are no reports of any injuries. reality tv star craig bret was -- putt was killed this afternoon. police have ruled out suicide. they said he was hit by a southbound train just after
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4:00 yesterday afternoon. putt was known as the star of the reality show work out. he also appeared on days of our lives. and we're learning more about an officer involved shooting in fremont. the shooting happened on friday afternoon at harvey park on the other side of interstate 880 and fremont. the victim is 48-year-old hamwari of hayward. police say they had prior contact with him. he had a knife and was threatening and chasing two people at a parking lot. governor brown says he intends to work with unions to chip away at the tax cut for state workers to pay for health care coverage once current workers retire from civil service. the cost of retiring has jumped from 158 million to nearly $2
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billion today. brown wants state workers to make contributions to their health care retirement funds. currently only three of the state's 21 bargaining units make some contribution on retiree help. two kentucky teenagers who led police on a bonnie and clyde type chase through the state have finally been caught. police found the two asleep in a truck in panama city florida. that's after a four day hunt. the two were identified in surveillance footage before officers spotted them in a stolen truck. >> they found the truck parked at pier park behind a restaurant there. and they weren't sure if anyone was in it. but so they sent an unmarked car to look to see if anyone got in or out of it. they saw the break lights come on and that's when they called for multiple units. >> reporter: the two are accused of stealing three trucks, causing property damage and forging checks.
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they say hayes was on the run because of a burglary arrest last year and that phillips will likely face charges in juvenile court as an accomplice. a group spoke out about crude by rail project. the group benetians for a safe and healthy community filed charges. organizers say residents need to be prepared to speak out about the risks of the project. >> they want to bring in crude oil and toxins crude oil into this refinery. both of those are extremely volatile, extremely polluting and there's now a track record of catastrophic derailments that have killed people, destroyed property, destroyed water quality. >> the comment period will open after the final environmental impact report is released but
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it's not exactly clear when that will be. black ice leads to a big pile up and one incredible picture. the story of a man pinned between two semi trucks. >> and meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking your bay area forecast.
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authorities in philadelphia say icy roads are to blame for several crashes today that left at least three people dead. several highways were shut down and authorities asked people in the area to stay off of the roads. all of the accidents happened this morning after rain turned roads into sheets of ice and what they call a flash free. >> and black ice was likely the
10:38 pm
reason why a pickup became pinned between two 18 wheelers. the driver of that pickup just had a few scratches. >> that is really unbelievable when you see him squished in between those trucks. >> afterward he said, thank god i survived now i have to figure out why. it's incredible. let's check out now with mark tamayo. we don't have to worry about icy roads around here. >> we just have to worry about low clouds and fog and that's just about it. the quiet dry stable weather pattern here to stay. we're looking for a significant rainfall. really not showing up today. a few radar cells showing up in parts of the north bay dissipating. not really reaching the ground but just clouds out there and dense fog. here's a wider perspective
10:39 pm
showing clouds. the dense fog showing up not here over the bay mainly in the inland sections. as far as the current visibilities out there showing you they are coming down. especially down in santa rosa. i think this area of fog will gradually expand over the bay area over the next few hours or so. current numbers santa rosa mid- 50s. san jose 54. walnut creek 54 degrees. king tides are back. you probably noticed them with the extreme high clouds inflated around the coast and near the bay and up again tomorrow as well. just before 10:00 at the bay bridge. not backing up much by wednesday. this in addition to an increase in the swell just be extra careful before heading to the coast for tomorrow and tuesday. waves could be 10 to 13 feet. overnight cooling. we have fog, especially it's going to be everywhere. especially for the north bay valleys and east bay valleys,
10:40 pm
some dense fog. there could be a chance we have dense advisory kick in first thing tomorrow morning. redwood city 49. and antioch checks in 46 degrees. so we talked about the fog overnight. low visibilities out there. here is a bigger perspective once again. just a big batch of clouds over the northern portion of california. high pressure will gradually rebuild. with that a dry weather forecast a partly to mostly sunny sky. look at these numbers as we approach friday. thursday, by friday and saturday by the weekends in fact, by friday the warmest locations could be flirting with 70 degrees. and we're going to have more 70s to talk about for the upcoming weekend. here's our forecast model showing you all the overcast for tomorrow morning. dense pockets of fog out there. and then into the afternoon hours, partly cloudy skies at 12:00. hazy sunshine throughout the day by 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00. after the cool start the
10:41 pm
warmest locations on track to reach the low to mid-60s. san jose 63, fremont 62 and half-moon bay 61 degrees. here is a look at ahead. basically pretty quiet over the next few days with your weekend always in view. heather and ken that is the big weather headline. back up into the lower 70s. 72 possibly 75 degrees. if we're looking for rainfall we have to look at the last few days of february. we have high hopes for that. >> 72 sounds pretty nice. >> 72 possibly 76. keep that in mind. >> in january, though. >> yes. rumors about the 49ers offensive coordinator. >> we hear from both sides of the thrilling nfc championship game. scott reiss in sports wrap next.
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the last thing 49er fans wanted to see was the seahawks back in the super bowl but even they had to admit this nfc championship game was one for the ages. an epic battle between the hawks and packers. paul allen raising the 12th man flag and the other 12 aaron rogers leading green bay. rogers scrambling, throwing for adams but intercepted by the richard sherman in the end zone. seahawks trying to take advantage but russell wilson off the hands of germane kersh picked up by clinton. pack settles for a field goal.
10:45 pm
3-0. final second of the quarter 6-0. rogers buying time and finding randall cobb for the 13-yard touchdown. it is 13-0 green bay. late second quarter, wilson looking for curry again. intercepted again. sam shields has it at the goal line. 16-0 pack at the half. third quarter, the seahawks line up for a field goal, don't you believe it. john ryan the holder going to run, no going to throw it


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